Using 3D Models made by an artist

How to work use them and how are they setup

Tristan Engel
3 min readAug 12, 2021


Today we will start looking at our new project: A 3D Stealth Game. In this project we will be working with pre-made assets. In the next few articles we will explore a bit how we work with the assets and how the assets are setup. Just like when we would work in a team and an artist supplies the artwork or when you outsourced artwork as an indie dev.

The basic assets consist of two parts. The geometry or the 3d model that only contains the shape. On the geometry the textures are applied. The textures are like clothing that is put on the geometry.

Single Texture Pillar

Left: geometry that is textured. Right: is the geometry only

In the inspector of the object under the Mesh Renderer component the material is set. In this case it’s called “Plain”. The material(s) that are set under the Mesh Renderer are directly available to edit through the inspector as well.

With the color picker under Albedo we are able to change the color.

Click the left tiny circle of Albedo to choose and set a texture.

With the Tiling option we can change how the texture is tiled on our object.

Using the sliders for metallic and smoothness we can further adjust how our material looks. You can also change the used Shader.

Multi Texture Column

Our next object is Multi textured. Notice how it has partly black marble texture like our previous object and part white. It also has a child object that is gold.

We can see an object is has multiple texture in the inspector.
Inspector > Mesh Renderer > Materials > Size

2 Materials on one object

We can set the materials the same way as when using a single texture. The same applies to the golden child object.

To learn more experience is key. If you are an Indie experiment yourself to learn and in team it’s important to learn to communicate with artists.



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