Recommended Editor Layout in Unity

Unity editor — different layouts

The Unity editor layout is highly customizable. There are many variants possible depending on your taste, workflow, project etc. This is the default layout for the Unity editor.

Unity editor — default layout

Try dragging some panels around like below.

Drag around various panels

How to reset to default
Look in the upper right corner for a button the text depends on the last selected layout preset. Click the button and select “Default” from the drop down.

Alternatively you can reset to default though the menu.
Window > Layouts > Default

Recommended layout in 3 steps

To create my recommended layout follow the steps.
1. Select the “Tall” layout preset from the upper right button
2. Drag the “Game” panel down to the bottom and enlarge it so the height is the same as the project panel
3. Click the … in the “Project” panel and select “One Column Layout”

The result should look like this:

Unity editor — recommended layout

Pros of this layout

A. With this layout you can move object around in the “Scene” view and see the result instantly without having to switch to your “Game” view.

B. The “Single Column Layout” in the “Project” panel allows us to see the contents of multiple folders at once.

Portrait variant

When working on a mobile game for example you can also create a variant on this layout. Just drag the “Game” panel to the side and adjust.

Portrait variant for mobile apps

How to Save your layout

Now when we’ve found a nice layout you can save it so you can set it up with one click whenever you want.
Click the upper right button again and choose “Save Layout” . Enter a name and you’re done.

Save Layout



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