Emission — Cheap Light

Tristan Engel
Aug 19, 2021


Emission on materials in Unity is used to make an object to illuminate certain parts. Just like Occlusion this is based on an image from an external 3d program that tells which parts emit light and which parts don’t emit light.

From our assets our display case is self illuminating.

It has no extra light sources.

Emission is a part of the material.

Turning emission on and off shows the effect.

Adjusting the numbers: 0 is black no light, higher is more illumination

Changing the color means the light that is emitted changes color.

With Ctrl + Click on the thumbnail next to Emission we get to see the emission image. Based on the Emission image it adds “texture” to color.

Emission are performance friendly are suitable for devices with less capacity.

Extra info: Normal Map is used for details.



Tristan Engel

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