Animated Main Menu

Let’s create a main menu for our game

In this article we will create a main menu for our game.

Main Menu Animation

We can use the timeline for main menu animation. Everything we animate is on the Canvas so no need to create additional animation tracks. We just hit the record button and animated all.

Inspector > Playable Director > Wrap Mode > Hold

This way the timeline will stay on the last frame instead of going back to the first.

Main Menu BGM

Select Canvas from Hierarchy > Add Audio Source > Drag in Audio Clip
Play On Awake and Loop turned on

Start and Quit Buttons

Just as previously done:

We encountered a bug that no hover or click would trigger the buttons. This was because the UI image used for fade was clickable and in front of everything. By unchecking Raycast Target it isn’t clickable anymore and the buttons work as intended.



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Tristan Engel

Tristan Engel


Aspiring developer that’s self-learning Unity & C# to transition to a career with Unity. I got a passion for creating interactive experiences.