Add Voice-over to Cutscene

How to add audio to our timeline

In this article we will be adding audio tracks to our timeline.
So let’s get started.

Create Empty Game Object > Rename to Audio
Create Empty Game Object x2 > Rename to VO(Voice Over) and BGM (BackGround Music)
Set Transform to zero on all 3 objects
Drag VO and BGM into Audio game object
Add Component: Audio Source on VO and BGM

Timeline (panel) > R-Click > Audio Track (Can rename it from inspector)

Drag in the VO game object into the Audio Source
Drag in the VO audio asset into the Timeline

We repeat the same for our BGM.

Sadly there’s no way to listen to the audio during preview mode. We need to run/play the game and access the timeline and edit it while the game runs. Even while edit in play mode the changes we make will be saved.

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