Guard AI part 1

Placeholder to Player Model

Make Camera Look At Player

[SerializeField] private GameObject _player;

void Update ()

Switching between camera angles based on player movement

Added some particles for visibility

Camera Switch Triggers

Prevent Player from moving through Objects

Move Player along a Nav Mesh

What code do we need to add

Update our Code

using UnityEngine.AI;

Result Code

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.AI;

public class Player…

Using Mouse input and raycast to get a position in world space

Player Script Pseudocode

Player Script Actual Code

Preparations of the floor and player

Baking the Floor

How to add audio to our timeline

How to organize the timeline when having a complex cutscene

Cutscene with lots of animated camera’s

Tristan Engel

Aspiring developer that’s self-learning Unity & C# to transition to a career with Unity. I got a passion for creating interactive experiences.

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